The PlayStation Blog runs a series called “Conversations With Creators” and in this episode they’ve got two of the main guys behind Ubisoft’s upcoming hacktivist open world game, Watch_Dogs. It’s a little “Yay PlayStation 4!” in tone, but it does talk about how they’re planning to leverage the new console’s online capabilities.

Apparently, in terms of connectivity, Sony’s vision for the PlayStation 4 is in line with Ubisoft’s for Watch_Dogs. We’ve already seen that protagonist Aiden Pearce’s ability to everything that sits still long enough is central to the title’s gameplay mechanics, but taking that online and into a multiplayer scene is another “core pillar” for the development team.

Basically, the world of Watch_Dogs is going to be a connect one and one that you can stay engaged with even though you’re not in front of a TV with a console plugged into it. As you’ll hear in the video, you’ll be able to continue engaging with the world of Watch_Dogs via your cell phone. Hit the jump for the video.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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