Diablo III 1.0.8


The 1.0.8 patch for Diablo III is now live, fixing many of the few real remaining issues with the game. That is, if you’re actually playing and enjoying it, and not just griping about the Auction House. There’s no patch for people who just don’t like the game, so those people can move along.

The most important changes include being able to identify all items in your inventory at once, crafting using materials straight from the shared stash, and reworked loot drops so that less stuff drops, but they’re individually worth more. The reworked loot patch is coming after 1.0.8, so we’re still waiting for that. At least we can easily salvage rares now, thanks to being able to disable the confirmation box that keeps popping up when you try.

All Diablo III needs now, is more content. Bring on the expansion, Blizzard! You can read the full 1.0.8 patch notes over at Diablofans.com


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