This was bound to happen at some point considering the Grand Theft Auto games have invariably been released on PC. A couple of German online retailers have put PC versions of upcoming GTA V up for pre-order. While the console versions are landing on 17 September, there are no expected dates for the PC version.

On top of a PC version, one German retailer put a special edition up on their website; the listing has since been removed. Still, the contents of the special edition included things like a map of the game world, SteelBook case, in-game challenges, bonus outfits, bonus tattoos, exclusive weapons, special abilities boosters and something called “online store concession”. That last one hints at some sort of GTA V store; possibly for in-game microtransactions?

IGN contacted Rockstar regarding these listings, but the representative refused to comment. It’s worth noting that the one retailer (hopefully) jumping the gun is the German arm of Amazon. It would be unusual for a company like Amazon to post bogus listings. For now take this as rumour, but it’s certainly a lot better than Rockstar’s previous stance on a PC version.

Source: VG24/7

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