EA today announced that The Sims 4 is officially a real thing, and will be released on PC and Mac in late 2014. The Sims is one of gaming’s most commercially successful franchises, thanks largely to its mass appeal and ability to reach out to casual gamers. To date, EA has sold over 150 million copies across the franchise.

According to a report on IGN, The Sims 4 will be playable offline. Frustrated Maxis fans who got their fingers burnt with the recently released SimCity and its network issues will be relieved to learn that The Sims 4 won’t require an always-on Internet connection to play.

We don’t know anything else about The Sims 4, and while many hardcore gamers may lament the game’s arguably more mainstream appeal, it’s hard not to get just a little excited about the next-generation suburban life simulator.

According to EA, more information on The Sims 4 will be released later today.

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