A new Cube World video appears!


Oh Cube World, we adore you with all your overt blocky cuteness, but why do you disappear for such long periods of time? Sure, you’ve only got two dudes working on you, and for every moment they’re not updating the blog it means that they’re (hopefully) working on finishing you up, but still! We want you now! Not “when it’s done” – NOW!

Wollay has decided to update the Cube World blog for the second time this year! At this rate we might have four updates on the game’s development before the year is out. Earlier he released a massive whack of new screenshots for the procedurally generated action RPG, but now he’s given us a new video loaded with gameplay. There’s quite a bit of new content to see in the clip, including new mechanics like the ability to sail tiny little blocky yachts so that you can traverse the rather gorgeous waters of Cube World.

There’s still no release date for this game, but there are rumours that we might be getting a playable demo sometime soon. When that happens you can expect precisely zero posts on NAG Online, because we’ll be too busy playing the game. New video after the jump.

Source: Wollay’s Blog
Via: Twitter