There’s a new Wolfenstein game coming! Some people are excited about that; other people (like Warren Spector) are definitely not excited about that. Whichever camp you fall into, this little piece of news is actually rather welcomed: the game won’t have multiplayer.

Perhaps Irrational Games has unwittingly started a new trend when it comes to developing AAA first-person shooter titles? Their most recent game, the mind-blowingly awesome BioShock Infinite, dropped the obligatory multiplayer aspect in favour of spending more time and budget on polishing the single player campaign. That clearly worked out well for them because Infinite is now sitting with a boat load of incredible review scores.

The developers behind recently revealed Wolfenstein: The New Order are doing the same. There will be no multiplayer in Sweden based MachineGames’ upcoming shooter. That’s a good thing. Too often have really great games suffered because of some perceived idea that a portion of development time and budget had to go to a multiplayer component in order to stave off trade-ins and second-hand sales. Leave multiplayer up to the franchises that know how to do it (Battlefield, Call of Duty etc.) and just focus on making a great single player campaign.

Source: Gamespot

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