Hard Reset devs rebooting Shadow Warrior


Flying Wild Hog, the blokes behind robot-fuelled old-school shooter Hard Reset, have revealed that they’re rebooting Shadow Warrior. For those of you still in school, Shadow Warrior was another one of developer 3D Realms’ shooters; it came out in 1997 and used the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D. It starred a character called Lo Wang and featured loads of (in retrospect) pretty racist content based on B-grade Kung-Fu movies. While it never saw popularity quite like Duke Nukem 3D, it developed a cult fanbase and was still totally glorious.

So far Flying Wild Hog hasn’t released much information other than a statement on their official Facebook page saying: “Our next project is finally revealed, we’re working on a total reimagining of Shadow Warrior with Devolver Digital.” Devolver Digital is the publisher behind the Serious Sam games and the more recent indie gem Hotline Miami.

There’s an official website for the Shadow Warrior reboot, but it doesn’t have much on it as yet aside from the header image you see above. We’ll keep you updated with news on this as it becomes available.

Source: Facebook
Via: Polygon