Two Assassin’s Creed IV devs talk connectivity and PS4


A few days back, two Ubisoft developers working on Watch_Dogs sat down to tell all of us how great it is to develop on the PlayStation 4. We allowed them to do that because they padded their chat with clips of the game running on Sony’s new toy. This time around, in another “Conversations  with Creators”, we get to hang out with creative director Jean Guesdon and associate producer Sylvain Trottier and his totally metal beard. And by metal I mean the music genre, not the material.

In this new episode, Ubisoft and Sony are talking Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The clips during the developer commentary are all in-game glimpses of the title running on a PlayStation 4. It looks rather pretty, doesn’t it? Oh wait, you can’t answer that because you haven’t watched it yet. Go! Hit the jump and ogle NEXT GEN GRAAAAFIX!

I’m starting to notice a trend here: do you get the feeling that this whole “connected but not only in multiplayer” thing is Sony’s big playing card for the PS4? Or do you think it’s the particular aspect of the PS4 that makes Ubisoft weak at the knees?

Don’t forget that Sony has now said, in no uncertain terms, that their console won’t require a permanent Internet connection at all. That was revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer; the information subsequently found its way online.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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