Google I/O Event coverage

So with the GT6 reveal taking up most of the hour that’s just passed, I’m heading into the Google I/O event. I/O is the premier developer even for Google’s services and they also talk new standards there as well, like HTML5 adoption and all sorta of other things. The I/O keynote is said to be three hours long (I damn hope not!) and we’ll see if we can join in the fun. Luckily, there is a live stream. Sadly, its just gone down.


7:49 Okay, I’m out. It glitched again and now the stream won’t re-load. Its probably just my computer or something in the matrix that’s changed, because everyone else is still fine. Those of you who want to keep abreast with the keynote can watch it here, on the Google I/O page. I’ll post up the final video tomorrow along with a summary of what went down and what we can all look forward to. My mouse also appears to be dying, so that makes it uber-difficult to keep up as well. Until tomorrow, everyone! Sorry I can’t keep up over here.

7:46 Moar glitches! Ironically. Chrome can’t even load up the video, only Waterfox can.

7:40 Now chatting about the Chrome Pixel. Every single I/O attendee gets one for free. Damn.

7:38 That’s pretty cool. “We hope you’re all excited as we are about where the web is going. ”

racer screens together

7:36 All the devices form one single racetrack and screen.

racer big screen

racer controls

racer player selectionracer home screen

7:31 Back on, now demonstrating Racer, a multi-player racing game run on Chrome.

7:28 More damn glitches. Sigh.

7:26 Short video showing what Google imagines developers will be able to do in the coming year.

07:25 Developers can now build their own HTML tags into apps to link information between them easily.

7:23 All your payment information no syncs with Chrome and reduces the process to just three steps.

buying stuff checkout payment

7:21 Google says this is why mobile phone stores no longer sport shopping carts because its too much info to put in.

7:20 “Buying stuff is too complicated We need to trim that amount of information down for the user.”

buying stuff checkout process

7:19 “We want to make things simpler for users.”

7:18 VP can also be done for mobile devices and works for videos that haven’t been converted to VP9 yet, very much like Opera’s services. In fact, this is probably why Opera is now in bed with Chrome today.

chrome mobile data compression

7:15 VP9 delivers the same quality, but at a lower bitrate and a smaller byte size. That’s sweet. We need stuff like this for 4K video and the H.265 format.

chrome VP9 video

7:14 And another glitch. Meh. Anyway, there’s also a new container that’s royalty-free – VP9

7:09 WebGP replaces, or can replace, JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF image formats but reduces their size without a loss in quality. Like the AVI or MKV format, it merely serves as a container for the actual data.

7:07 Mozilla’s Java improvements also mean that images can be re-compiled into a format called WebGP. The images retain their resolution and clarity, but the WebGP one is smaller in byte size.

chrome java compression

7:05 Talking about performance improvements to Chrome now and mentioning how Mozilla’s improvements to Javascript have aided Chrome in speedier rendering as well.

7:04 And here they’re showing the opening to The Hobbit. Swiping at elements on the screen makes the intro music change. Gimmicky, but cool.

hobbit chrome openin

7:02 That’s the new mobile Hobbit game played using WebGL on the mobile Chrome browser.

hobbit chrome

7:01 “The same capabilities on the desktop with Chrome are coming to Chrome on our partner’s tablets.”

7:00 My connection spazzed out again, they’re talking about Chrome on the Chromebook Pixel.

6:56 A video about Google Here is now playing, showing how its proliferated across all devices.

6:54 The Nexus experience will eventually come to the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a special unlocked, Nexus-like version straight from Google itself.

6:54 “We’re continually amazed at the breadth of devices our partners are putting out.”

6:53 Devices!

6:51 As usual, the All Access enhancements stretch to the Chrome browser as well.

google all access desktop

6:49 All your music can be added into Google All Access and are accessible everywhere, just like iTunes Match.

6:48 There are some improvements to Google Music as well. You can play your tracks as a internet radio station, you can now reorder tracks through that radio service and you can share it with your friends.

6:46 The same improvements extend to the desktop version of Chrome as well.

play store desktop redesign

6:43 There’s a Play store redesign and some personalisation features that learn what to recommend based on your activity on Google+.

new play store

6:41 Thanks Telkom for dropping my video feed as well. Seems this isn’t going to go smoothly.

6:40 There’s also some neat features for beta testing. It can be done and managed from within the Google Developer console and the Alpha and Beta phases are handled by the Google Play Services automatically.

6:38 Google Fortune Teller gives you real-time information about how your apps are doing and where your most successful markets are. From within that interface, you can use options given to you to promote your app further in the countries or regions you’ve selected that need some attention.

fortune teller

6:35 Apps can be translated for you, by the way. You can submit an app for translation and Google will get a third-party service to translate your app into the language you want. Once its completed, you will be notified that the app is back up on the store and now has an additional version.

6:33 They’re now talking about app monetisation, so lets expand on the IDE quickly. The virtual previews can also emulate the environments you’re designing for. If you change font, it changes in real-time and if you change or alter any elements, they’re only changed for a single device.

6:33 But that’s play, no harm done.

6:32 Hey Afrihost, thanks for dropping my video feed.

IDE preview

6:30 The Google SDK has been revamped and re-rendering of the app happens on the fly inside the editor and in a virtual environment on different size screens, making development for different phones much easier.

google IDE new

6:27 They tried to show off some of the features, but the internet is being hogged by the live stream and the journalists on the floor. Ha!

gogs features

6:26 Google Play Games Services will support new features like achievements, cloud game syncs and in-game multiplayer matchmaking. There’s some IRC thrown in there too.

6:21 There’s almost too much information flowing here. the Play Services SDK will work on most existing devices and supports new networking features that streamlines data connections to servers and ends the era of constant, unnecessary updates from the apps you have to the servers.

google services update

6:19 Its called “Universal Single-Sign-On”

6:18 They’re talking about sharing websites through Google+ and installing apps for a website to your Android phone or tablet immediately.

6:16 Before it stopped they were talking about the Android App SDK and the new Google Play Services content. Its more interesting to developers than the users at this point in time.

6:15 Looks like there are a lot of people joining in to watch, the Live Steam has just slowed down tremendously.

6: 14 That’s a visualisation of the parts of the world where Android has less than a 10% penetration rate thus far. Note that we’re included.

android reach

6:13 As we join in, they’re talking about Google play. Over 43 billion app installs, hundreds of thousands of apps and games available.

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