So the Gran Turismo Event starts in about 14 minutes and I’m covering it here on NAG online. Sadly, Polyphony Digital didn’t see the sense in streaming the event worldwide, so we’re left with gleaning information from other websites already there. GT6 is expected for the next-generation consoles and may also appear on the PS3 as an ode the the platform. Join us after the jump for the semi-live coverage!

GT6 Invitation_header

6″07 Cool! Now off to Google I/O.

6:04 Kaz says he’d like to reveal more, but that will be saved for E3.

6:03 Looks less cheesy than the teaser we saw earlier.


6:02 The announcement trailer is live.

6:01 The game will be available approximately six months from now.

5:58 Some clarification on the course maker – its ten square acres in size.

5:57 GT6 connects with multiple devices (most likely Sony ones) and can connect up with your phone, your tablet and your PC.

5:57 Apparently engine swaps are possible.

5:56 New, faster interface on launch (yes, that’s touted as a feature now)

5:55 The course maker is now here, players can make their own racetracks with scenery spanning for kilometers. Damn, all this on the PS3?

GT6 course layout

5:54 Google I/O can wait a bit.

5:53 New tracks will be added every month via DLC. On launch there are 33 track locations, 71 layouts and adaptable weather for all locations.

5:52 Cars can all be customised with aero parts and with a larger wheel selection.

GT6 blue tarp

5:51 Car models are all Tesselated.

GT6 model

5:49 Car stable is now at 1200 (no mention of premium or not models), full car histories and players can now customise their cars.

5:48 Hey, the journos there were treated to a physics demo. Great stuff guys. Glad you could share.

5:46 PD has had to re-do the physics engine and together with suspension companies, Yokohama and KW Auto, they’ve re-worked how the cards feel and how they move.

5:45 Dynamic range has been altered, more colours available.

5:45 Looks blurry, but there is some next-gen stuff going on there.

GT6 screenshot

5:44 GT6 uses Adaptive Tesselation, previously not though possible on the PS3. Apparently there are screenshots being shown.

5:43 Hey, Google I/O is starting in 16 minutes.

5:43: GT6 has been re-done from the ground up with a new rendering engine which is compact and flexible. That’s probably also going to be used for porting to the PS4 as well, eventually.

5:42 Well, that’s all next-gen speculation out the window. All Playstation consoles have had two GT versions on them, not counting Prologue editions.

5:41 Kaz: “I’d like to announce today that we’re developing GT6 for the Holiday season on the PS3.”


5:38 Doing this through Twitter is so sad.

5:36 Kaz says that Nissan has found drivers with reflexes developed far quicker than properly trained colleagues from years of racing.

5:35 The new season apparently starts in July this year, so GT5 players can still get in on the action.

5:34 The GT academy prize last year was a Nissan GT-R. This year it’s the chance to race for a full season in a Porsche GT3.

5:34 Kaz himself is getting up to the stage…

5:32 Cox: “GT Academy is a great way for young drivers to train and get into the sport.”

5:31 The GT Academy, which takes drivers from the game and trains them for real racing, is being discussed.

5:30 Probably a good thing for them, the internet is hitting them up for the info.

5:27 I guess its just as well that the info for the game has leaked already because iAfrica published the press release before they were told there was a NDA. This is the worst launch ever.

5:26 Apparently it’s interesting.

5:25 Now the group of whoever’s there is being shown a video (guess what? We can’t see it.)

5:23 Darren Cox from Nissan Global Motorsport takes to the stage.

GT6 event

5:22 Some people won tickets to the event, they got pictures of cars signed by Kaznouri Yamauchi

5:18 “Playstation and GT have always been mutually exclusive. One cannot exist without the other.”

5:17 Ryan: “Global sales of GT have exceeded 70 million copies. GT5 makes up for 10 million of that total.”

5: 16 I guess I’ll try follow through Twitter…

5:14 Aaaaaaand we’re down. Looks like GT planet’s site has crashed.

5:11 Sony CEO Jim Ryan takes to the stage.

5:08 GT Planet’s blogger seems to be slow.

5:06 And we’re live. Sort of. And waiting.

5:02 Its possible my internet has failed me. Or Google I/O has broken the internet.

5:02 Silence…

4:59 One minute left…

4:58 For those of you not keen on following here, you can stay up-to-date with the feed on, who are blogging live from the event.

4:54 Five minutes to go! I do hope they expand on what types of cars we can expect. GT5 was loaded with those silly “standard” cars that had very low polygon counts and generally couldn’t be upgraded very far.

4:50 We’re on in less than ten minutes. I may not get everything by the second, but I’ll try to keep up. What a silly idea to not stream the biggest event for GT fans around the world. Asshats.

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