Here’s a spot of good news for us beleaguered Wii U fans: Ubisoft has revealed that they’re working on a prototype for a sequel to ZombiU. The survival horror title was a launch game for Nintendo’s new console, and it was largely well received by both critics and players. The title was also responsible for generating much of the initial hype around the Wii U and was integral in Nintendo’s marketing towards the core gamer demographic.

Responding to a fan question over Twitter, Ubisoft Montpellier’s Jean-Philippe Caro wrote: “Thank you for your interest in ZombiU. The team is working hard on a prototype. It’s too soon to tell you more.” Shortly after that information was divulged, Ubisoft confirmed that the team was indeed working on content, but that no official sequel had been green-lit by the publisher. From the sounds of things it’s still early days.

Ubisoft, unlike many other publishers and developers, isn’t afraid to develop for the Wii U. However, with the once Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends going multi-platform, it’ll be interesting to see whether Ubisoft makes a formal ZombiU sequel, or whether they go the spiritual successor route so that they can drop the “U” moniker and go multi-platform.

Source: Eurogamer
Via: Shacknews 

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