Thanks to the very kind, very generous peoples at Razer, we’ve got a bunch of super-awesome stuff and things to give away. And seeing as you’ve been lovely enough to take the time to read these words that have been so painstakingly, meticulously written (they haven’t actually been painstakingly, meticulously written, but modesty is for the weak and all that), we’d love to give one of these prizes away to you.

Peer beyond the veil below to get a look at what you could win, and what you need to do to possibly make that happen.

Right, is everyone here? Then let’s continue. Up for grabs are two Razer Abyssus ambidextrous gaming mice that really take the concept of a gaming mouse back to its roots, and five Razer Kabuto mouse mats designed to be used on the move, and to that end the Kabuto doubles as a laptop screen protector. If you’d like to learn more about your potential prizes, here’s the Abyssus’ product page, and here’s one for the Kabuto.

All you need to do to bag yourself some cool new stuff for free is leave us a comment below. Then when UNSPECIFIED DATE AND TIME is reached, we’ll do a random draw to select seven winners.

Now, spend some time staring at these pictures, and then get commenting!

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