Ubisoft “suspends” Désilets’s 1666 development


So just over a week ago we thought this scenario was getting messy. Now, however, it’s way past messy; we’re into full-on clean-up crew required with hazmat suits and danger pay. When Patrice Désilets was fired by Ubisoft, his new IP 1666 (which is believed to be a competitive title to the Assassin’s Creed franchise) remained behind with the publisher. Désilets is looking into legal options at present, and if you need to catch up on what’s going on, you can read this.

Ubisoft’s next move in this sordid affair has been to place the development of 1666 on indefinite hold. This news came out of a recent investor call, with Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot stating: “So, for Patrice, after more than two months of discussions with him, we couldn’t align our vision both on project development and team management, so consequently our collaboration has ended, and we have suspended 1666 for an undisclosed period of time.”

Here’s where it gets really mean: according to Internet super-sleuth Superannuation, Patrice Désilets’s contract with Ubisoft stipulated that all ownership of 1666 would revert back to Désilets in the event that Ubisoft cancels development proceedings. With Ubisoft choosing to place development on indefinite hold, it’s essentially locked the IP in some weird limbo state meaning that Ubisoft retains all ownership and Désilets leaves with nothing.

Source: Kotaku