Domains registered for The Last of Us 2 and 3


There’s less than a month to go before The Last of Us hits the PlayStation 3. I’ve got this feeling that the game will be the final hoorah for Sony’s console before the PlayStation 4 begins to hog the limelight; a swan-song of sorts, I guess.

Despite the fact that the game is still a few weeks away, Sony Computer Entertainment of America is not wasting any time when it comes to planning the future of the IP. Domain names for and have just been registered. As Shacknews points out, every title that Naughty Dog has developed thus far has been turned into a long-running series, so it wouldn’t be surprising if The Last of Us maintained this tradition.

This could, of course, all just be cautionary planning. As we’ve seen in the past, private individuals regularly squat on domain names with the sole intention of selling it on to big companies. It’s likely that SCEA is moving to prevent this happening for the off-chance that the game gets two sequels. Hell, at least they didn’t go nuts like EA recently did when they registered domains for all the way to

Source: Shacknews

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