Three Blizzard developers talk Diablo III and PlayStation 4


In this episode of “Conversations with Creators”, Sony has rounded up three Blizzard folks integral to the porting of Diablo III to PS3 and PS4, and made them gush about how awesome the PlayStation 4 is going to be. They also make frequent assertions that the PlayStation 4 and Diablo III were practically made for each other in some infernal fire pit of hell.

While it’s easy to roll your eyes and sigh in the face of this rather gaudy PS4 marketing campaign, this particular episode of what will probably be a very long-running web series for Sony, actually manages to discuss some aspects of Diablo III as well. It is actually pretty interesting to hear how much the control scheme is going to be different, and how Blizzard realises that a change of control scheme fundamentally changes the connection one has with a character. I haven’t thought about it much until now, but there is this remarkable disconnect between player and character in the Diablo games on PC. When Diablo III is played on console however, there’s far more direct control over one’s character, and this will probably lead to a greater sense of connection. I found myself not really giving a crap about my characters in Diablo III, but my character in Skyrim I find myself quite firmly attached to.

Hit the jump for the video. Maybe grab some coffee beforehand because it’s about seven minutes long, which is practically a feature film by Internet standards.

Source: The PlayStation Blog