It’s Diablo III’s Birthday (Play if you want to)


If you play Diablo III, then you likely already know that from May 15 to  May 21, players have a “Happy Anniversary, Diablo III” buff in-game that boosts Magic Find and +EXP by 25% (that does stack with Nephalim Valor and Paragon Levels). There’s never been a better time to level some alts and make use of that stash of crafting materials you’ve been hoarding. If you didn’t know about the buff: there’s only one day left, don’t waste it!

Unfortunately, the Anniversary buff doesn’t contribute to the drop chance of Keywarden keys, so if you’re still trying to craft your  Hellfire Ring, I feel you. I’ve a pretty competent Witch Doctor, but running Monster Power 10, and getting 5 stacks of NV, before engaging the Keywarden, is no easy task. The Matchmaking Tags introduced in 1.0.8 help with finding groups to do Keywarden runs, but it’s still a pretty high-risk endeavor.

It’s almost time for Blizzcon (November 8-9), and I’m sure I can’t be the only one hoping they’ll announce a big content update for Diablo III (previously known as “expansions”), because even though the game gets much right, it does need more content first and foremost.

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