American McGee has this preoccupation with transforming popular children’s literature into twisted video games. He’s the guy behind the two Alice games as well as the more recent Akaneiro: Demon Hunters (based on Little Red Riding Hood) action RPG. McGee and his development team, Spicy Horse, have a Kickstarter campaign for a third Alice game; it sounds quite a bit different to the previous two. In addition to a potential new Alice (if IP owner Electronic Arts provides its blessing), Spicy Horse has revealed Ozombie – a zombie infested take on The Wizard of Oz.

Those of you with a good memory might recall the ill-fated Oz game American McGee first teased back in 2004. That game was supposed to be published by Atari, but it never actually materialised. Ozombie has absolutely nothing to do with the cancelled 2004 Oz game.

Details are slim but the game will feature Dorothy, Toto, TinMan, Lion and Scarecrow – although Scarecrow will likely be a zombie considering his search for brains. Overall the game will have a Steam Punk aesthetic; planned platforms are tablets, PC, Mac and Linux. Head on over to the official Facebook page for lots of concept art and updates. And in case you were wondering: yes, there’ll be a Kickstarter for this game too.

Source: Facebook
Via: Polygon

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