Wii U news from last week’s Nintendo Direct


Good news everyone! Nintendo held one of their budget-friendly and super-efficient Nintendo Direct conferences last week Friday. As such, we’ve got a couple of neat bits of Wii U news to share with you. If your brain has become programmed to associate “Wii U” and “News” with negative articles, then don’t panic just yet because we have another piece coming up later today that is sure to counteract all this wanton Wii U positivity. Boo!

First and most importantly, two games have release dates: Pikmin 3 is out on 04 August (which we already knew from the previous Nintendo Direct) and Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 is out on 15 September.

Further details regarding Pikmin 3 included a finalisation of the control schemes. If you played the game at last year’s rAge, then you would have been using a Wii Nunchuck and Wii Remote; that control scheme still stays, but Nintendo has confirmed that the entire game will be playable with just the Wii U Game Pad or the more traditional Pro Controller. The game will star three new captains in addition to series’ staple Olimar: Alph, Brittany and Charlie. Together, the team of captains has to forage for food to aid their starving planet.

The New Super Mario Bros. U DLC starring Mario’s greener brother Luigi, has been announced as a standalone retail product as well. No, Nintendo hasn’t retraced the DLC option and you’ll still be able to pick up New Super Luigi U as DLC on 20 June, but it’ll also be available at retail about a month later.

New Super Luigi U will include Nabbit (the kleptomaniacal rabbit thing from New Super Mario Bros. U) as a playable character in place of Mario. Nabbit will only be available as a multiplayer character and will be handy for those levels that you might battle with: he’s invulnerable to all enemies, but the caveat is that he cannot benefit from power-ups.

Finally, Nintendo and Sega have revealed a multiple game partnership that will bring three new Sonic games exclusively to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The first game is called Sonic Lost World; the deal, according to Nintendo and Sega, makes Nintendo hardware the “the number one destination for Sonic gaming”. While it’s welcomed news (the Wii U needs as many exclusives as possible), Shacknews has rather ominously reminded the world that a similar deal happened between Sega and Nintendo for the Dreamcast, and we all know what happened to that console.

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