Microsoft Xbox One Reveal Coverage

Soooo, the internet was stunningly quiet today and I best that was down to one thing – no-one wants to work on Xbox day (that’s right, my official name for it). Today, or this evening rather, Microsoft is hosting a Xbox reveal event, during which they’ll be talking about the console and how they’ll be countering Sony’s PS4. Lets get started.

next gen xbox reveal

That’s all for now folks! We’ll be back tomorrow with some blurbs about how our feelings and maybe there’ll be a tiny line about the console itself. I’m impresses that Microsoft showed off the console first but that’s fine for them – the services and features are the main attraction. Be sure to join in on our discussion in the forums here and voice your opinions on our Facebook Group, Fan page and annoy everyone else on Twitter. Good night!

8:12 How about that though? No deep talk about the hardware, no deep depth about the controller because it’s all focused on the voice controls and the Kinect features. I’ll say this: Sony will have the gamers, but Microsoft will have a massive, massive market of people who don’t want a Smart TV but will definitely buy something as integrated and with services as good as this. Set-top boxes may well throw in the towel after today’s announcement because Microsoft is definitely going to be negotiating deals for some exclusive content with ESPN, NFL and much more on the sporting side.

8:11 Microsoft says more will be revealed at E3. I hope there’s a watchable live stram then. So far what we’ve seen is fantastic.


8:11 And its over!

8:10 Honestly Telkom, get your international cables sorted. Please.

8:09 Live stream has stopped again. Man, this is just like Steam from 2004.

8:07 Man, there’s sooooo much more detail than before. Its mind-blowing, just like that Battlefield 4 trailer.

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8:04 A small comparison of character models between MW3 and Ghosts.

8:03 Variable environment maps, mostly everything can be destroyed. There’ll also be unit customisation in the multi-player.

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8:00 There’s a behind-the-scenes look at how the game is made. I saw a lot of Tesselated models and there’s a huge difference in the look and feel compared to BLOP2.

7:59 Laggy damn live stream. Ghosts is about you, as a Ghost (American Spartan-type badass) fighting against a superior enemy that has invaded and devastated America.

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7:56 Activision announces Call of Duty: Ghosts and exclusive content that will be available for the console.


7:55 “Launching this year.” Well, that lays all doubts to when its going to be.

7:55 Are we already done? By the way, the NFL thing is going to be only on the One through Xbox Live and using devices like Smart Glass.

7: 54 More console shots, awesome design.


7:51 If you’re a football fan, the console will keep you up to date with your favourite teams and will keep track of scores, touchdowns and more. It’ll probably have some impact on how the actual NFL game works as well.


7:50 Halo: The Television Series will be launching at the same time as the console. No launch period announced yet.


7:48 343 Studio’s Bonnie Ross announces a partnership with Steven Spielberg to launch a live action series based on the Halo universe.

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7:46 From the names she’s dropping, it looks like TV studios have figured out that gamers hold a crazy amount of money.

7:45 “Until now, TV was a single-user experience and offering no personalisation. Only on Xbox will it be personalised and available in a flash.”


7:44 A new face, Nancy Tellem, comes onto the stage. She previously worked for CBS and some other TV networks.

7:43 I’m probably breaking the NAG server now. We don’t have a live blogging platform, probably because we’re limited by hardware.

7:43 15 exclusives for the console, 8 of which are new. Forza and Quantum Break will be launch titles.

7:42 Its a new game called Quantum Break, the trailer was mainly a physics demo, but it looks great.

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7:40 Looks like Tarryn should have taken a bet on something by Remedy, although its not Alan Wake 2.

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7:39 Forza 5!

7:36 Microsoft’s Studios are working with the third-party publishers and studios to get them going with development on the One.


7:35 EA was on just now showing off Fifa, now Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios takes to the stage.

7:33 The website just crashed. Gee, thanks Internet.

7:32 Maybe I should switch to a real ISP one of these days.

7:31 Yay, Telkom isn’t allowing me to follow the live stream properly.

7:29 The increased resources behind XBL will enable larger multi-player matches. Think M.A.G!

7:27 Everything including game saves is saved on the cloud. So it looks like it’ll work offline, but it’ll be a regular console anyway.

7:26 Microsoft says they’re tripling the number of servers for Xbox Live to improve service levels across the globe.

7:26 Using Kinect, the console can recognise your face and if you pick up the controller, it’ll know you want to play something. Smartglass will make a return and will work with the new console.

7:24 Stream is semi-working now and there’s a shot of the hardware for the new controller. Very little changes and the design looks similar to the regular Xbox 360 with a few tweaked features.


7:23 The Live stream has just tanked and I wasn’t quick enough for a snapshot of the specs.

7:22 Not too much talk about the hardware, but its the same as the PS4. 8GB of RAM, Blu-Ray drive and things like Wi-Fi and USB 3.0.

7:21 The Xbox one is “connected and ready. Its an elegant design and a unique hardware combination.”


7:20 marc Whitten takes to the stage, possibly talking hardware.

7:19 The TV feature also shows which shows/movies are trending and what’s the flavour of the week.

7:18 “What’s on HBO?” Another channel switch through voice control and it understands context. This is some very smart tech.

7:17 Pretty much, Microsoft is reinventing a new way to watch TV in the laziest way possible.


7:15 Its also all motion-controlled. Hand gestures control your screen content. Using the comment “Snap [insert feature/app]” snaps the second application into the side of the screen and works with movies, games and the browser.

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7:11 The UI is voice-controlled. “Watch TV” turns onto a TV channel available on the device. “Xbox Go” returns back to the Home screen. “Go to Internet Explorer”. Its all seamless and the console seems to understand context.


7:10 It is voice-controlled. “Xbox On” turns it on. Sweet.

7:10 And they show the console, looks awesome.


7:08 Its called the Xbox One


7:06 Its begun!

7:02 Thanks for joining! This is a bit late because I’m struggling with the Live stream and setting it up for my family didn’t really work. Oh well.

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