About two weeks ago, Flying Wild Hog (them of Hard Reset fame) revealed to the world that they’re rebooting/reimagining cult classic FPS Shadow Warrior. Aside from an image of a bloodied corpse of some dude who looked like he died painfully, there was nothing else to go on. That changes today.

After the jump there’s a teaser trailer that shows some of the locations and loads of blood. The overwhelming element that I took away from the trailer, however, was the shift in tone. The original Shadow Warrior was a humourous affair, but this reimagining looks to be heading down a road that‘s prefaced by a flashing neon billboard that reads “Realism this way”.

On top of the teaser there’s a mini gallery of screenshots for the game. Each screenshot features an in-game enemy and loads of colour. Got to admit, I’m kind of liking the colour.

Source: Eurogamer

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