Hours before the Xbox One (or Xbone as it’s being lovingly/jokingly/begrudgingly referred to at the moment) was revealed, Tarryn and I were gushing about how great the imminent announcement of Alan Wake 2 was going to be. We were holding thumbs for the long overdue sequel to be an Xbox One launch title, so when Remedy came up on screen during the reveal event, it felt like everything was falling into place. And then they announced a new IP instead, Quantum Break.

At the moment, very little is known about Quantum Break so it’s hard to be excited about anything aside from the fact that it’s a new Remedy game. Obviouly, the slight disappointment that I felt (and no doubt Tarryn did as well) was felt by loads of other people across the Internet. Remedy is aware of it as well, and that’s why their creative director, Sam Lake, has put together a really nice video message for Alan Wake fans.

The bottom line is this: the eponymous Alan Wake will return at some point, but that point is not now. It’s really all about money and finding somebody willing to back a sequel that’s good enough for fans and good enough for the franchise. From the sound of things, that’s proven to be a tough job for Remedy.

“When Alan Wake came out, it was not a huge hit on day one,” Lake explains in the message, “It has been doing really well since then; it’s become a cult classic, which is really nice.”

The cult classic bit is probably one of the major problems. Publishers don’t like cult statuses on IPs because they imply a smaller fan base, which means lower expected sales. This despite the fact that the original Alan Wake has sold 3 million copies worldwide.

Remedy did start a sequel, but in Lake’s own words “the sequel wasn’t happening, the time wasn’t right for that.”

“Wake is dear to me and everyone at Remedy. We knew from the beginning that when Wake ends up in the Dark Place, getting out from there is going to be a long, hellish journey and a hard struggle. And I guess that where we are now is fiction becoming reality.”

And so now we have Quantum Break, which is clearly a new IP that Microsoft is willing to publish. For Remedy, it is their “next big thing” and something “where we could take everything we’ve learned from Alan Wake, everything we’ve learned from Max Payne, and… put that all together to create what could be called the ultimate Remedy experience.”

At present however, Remedy has worked with publishers to put every item of Alan Wake content on special. If you head onto Xbox LIVE, you’ll be able to pick up DLC, Avatar items and everything else at discounted prices. Better than that, however, is the fact that Remedy has partnered with Humble Bundle to put together an Alan Wake Humble Weekly Sale. Pay what you want for the original game and all DLC, as well as the standalone expansion (of sorts) Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Give the message below a watch; it’s great for many reasons but above all it’s sincere. The ending is also super-nerdy so watch the whole thing.

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