Universal truth: you can never have too much XCOM/X-COM, no matter the guise in which it appears. That’s why we’ve coated our cover in juicy XCOM goodness with the third-person tactical action of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. It’s a shooter! But it’s also thoughtful. It also happens to make for a brilliantly eye-catching magazine cover. We flew across the seas in a rickety aircraft held together by old bits of moldy chewing gum (but not really) for a look at the game. And then we flew back home to feed you bags of delicious XCOM information.

There’s more in there too! You know what to do for a sneak peek.

In this issue we take a preliminary look at the new Call of Duty, with all its Ghosts subtitling and updated engines and enhanced fish AI and whatnot. You know you’re going to buy it anyway.

Then, we go hands-on with The Last of Us and its hyper-creepy end-of-days survival-ising. Naughty Dog’s newest is a definite change of scenery and direction, and we’re intensely excited by it. Lost Planet 3 hopes to turn the series right way up, and Soul Sacrifice wants you to want a Vita. Fans of all things racing will want to turn their attention to GRID 2, where driving your car into walls doesn’t matter because FLASHBACK. Real life could learn a thing or two from it.

Our reviews section includes a dissection to uncover just how Star Trek Star Trek is (we have highly a highly scientific measurement system for this and everything), and in between all that serious science business we enjoy a bit of superhero/supervillain brawling in Injustice: Gods Among UsDragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is game expansion done right, while Impire hopes to get our Dungeon Keeper-sense tingling.

Hardware sees us inspecting the differences between active and passive 3D, and we see if Razer’s League of Legends-themed peripherals help us get ganked less. MSI’s fiery red GT70 Dragon Edition aims to prove that gaming notebooks are worthy of a place by your side, and we play games on a projector that makes us wish we’d not just spent many thousands of rands on expensive TVs that pale in comparison because an entire wall could be our TVs instead. As an added bonus, we bring you the highlights of Intel’s annual IDF, where the computing giant showcased its future plans for world computing domination.

Flip through the pages of our June issue and you’ll find all this and more. As always, the contents page PDF can be found below, so you can get a full breakdown of what to expect. It’s due on shelves this Thursday, the 30th of May. Remember that if you’d like to grab a copy that’s a bit more digital, head on over to Zinio.

Click here for the contents PDF [1.23 MB]

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