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If you’re the sort of person who gets stuck in games a lot (and no, I’m totally not projecting here…maybe), you’ll doubtless be thrilled to know that the Xbox One apparently has a remote play feature so you can call up a friend and ask them to play the hard bits for you in exchange for toasted sandwiches or a hat or whatever.

According to a report over on Polygon, remote play is one of the Xbox One’s features “not yet shown off” to the public – so you know this is all officially unofficial for the moment – and uses Skype to connect players to each other’s games. The feature can be used with a hardwired local connection or over the Internet.

Here’s the obligatory gag about the second playing paying a fee to help you out (LOL, etc.), but there’s also the much more intriguing potential for enterprising gamers to make some sort of business out of this. And this is where, in the movie of life, it swaps scenes to a not-so distant future where we buy games and hire people to play them for us while we sit on the couch and ingest puréed pizza through a tube and complain about how much better games used to be.

Source: Polygon

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