borderlands 2 tiny tina's assault on dragon keep header

You might already have heard about Borderlands 2’s next DLC expansion because – much like everything else these days – info about it was leaked weeks ago, but today it’s officially official – Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is a real thing, and it’s rolling for initiative on 25 June, with no surprise attack bonus. That’s my awkward way of admitting I used to play Dungeons & Dragons back in the way back when, but it’s also a way of introducing the expansion because it’s all very Dungeons & Dragonsy.

The expansion sees the Vault Hunters off on a different sort of adventure altogether when Tiny Tina decides to get everybody together for a bit of dice-rolling and pretending to be elves with a tabletop game called Bunkers & Badasses. It’s a game… within a game. This is some seriously meta stuff, but according to my sources there’s also a gun that shoots swords so that should keep things nice and simple for the most part.

It’s free for season pass owners and 800 MSP / $9.99 for everybody else.


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