The indie scene is growing at an exponential rate, and now we’re being treated to the 8th entry in the popular Humble Bundle series.

For those of you not in the know, the bundle is a pay-what-you-want package of indie games and their respective soundtracks. If you want to be a douchebag and only pay 1 cent (which causes the developers to lose money), you can – but for a few dollars more, you can unlock bonus content by paying more than the current average purchase price. Case in point, the top-down killer Hotline Miami and the ambient exploration title Proteus.

Click past the break for more info, and a promotional video.

Other games in the bundle include Capsized, the wickedly-difficult low-gravity platformer; Little Inferno, the self-referential puzzler; Thomas Was Alone, the minimalist geometric-shaped puzzle-platformer; the arena-platformer/MOBA-like Awesomenauts and the experimental, abstract experience that is Dear Esther. As with previous bundles, the games have builds for Windows, Mac and Linux (in some cases, this is their penguin-system debut) and buyers may decide how their money is allocated between the developers, charity and the bundle organizers.

The bundle will be on sale for the following two weeks. Usually, additional games and bonus content is added as the promotion wears on, so keep an eye out on this one. Oh, and don’t forget that the weekly bundle is offering an Alan Wake special!

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