Computex 2013: ASUS has a new cooler design for ROG family

To date, MSI is the only company that makes their graphics cards look visually similar to their motherboards, at least when you pair them up properly. The Gaming line has a read and black theme while the MPower/Lightning match-up uses black and yellow (cue that awful rap song) and the match-up looks great. No-one else does something like that and it seems ASUS would beg to differ.

ASUS GTX770 Poseidon header

The cooler is called Poseidon and its unique because, like that mythical brother of Zeus who controls the sea, the Poseidon works well with or without water surrounding it. The cooler in normal mode works as well as any air-cooled unit and the fan will do its job nicely. However, you do have the option of including it in your custom water-cooling loop, which will help drive down temperatures as well as give you a second, smaller radiator…sort of.

ASUS GTX770 Poseidon cooler

It also has a Republic of Gamers logo that lights up when the card is powered on and the ROG signage is on the cooler itself. I’ve always wondered why ASUS didn’t do this ages ago – ROG is a great brand and I know many gamers who swear by it. Still, its better late than never. The cooler is a mix of magnesium and plastic and it almost visually matches the TUF motherboard shroud that its sitting on. ASUS could have tried colour-coding it for better effect, but this is a good effort.

MSI still has the better pairing, but this a step the ROG brand should have taken years ago. They are literally sitting on a branding gold mine, people love labels!

ASUS GTX770 Poseidon stand

ASUS made no mention of pricing or availability. The cooler will be available only on the ROG Poseidon line of graphics cards and presumably only for the new Geforce 700 series. I don’t think it will be available separately but you can rest assured that at least one other manufacturer, be it a GPU brand or a third-party, will make something similar to fit to other graphics cards.

Source: TechpowerUp
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