Countdown to extinction – Dark Souls 2 has a launch date

dark souls 2 header

Fans of video games and unadulterated masochism, mark your calendars – Dark Souls 2 will apparently be out next March. That means you’ve got just nine months left to keep trying to kill the Gaping Dragon before you’ve got a legit reason to give up and play something else without everybody telling you what a lame-o quitting quitter you are. “Oh come on, guys,” you can tell them. “That game is so last gen.”

That’s assuming that Dark Souls 2 will be launched for next-gen consoles, mind you, but with a release date next year that’s at least a reasonably safe bet. Just make sure to save up for a next-gen console too, or your clever excuse might not work out quite according to plan.

Anyway, although Namco Bandai hasn’t actually officially confirmed the March 2014 launch date, this ad put up over the Los Angeles Convention Center ahead of next week’s E3 industry expo already has.

Source: All Games Beta