AMD announces Richland APU family with a cool video

“Cool video” is the only way to really describe it. Its like an amalgamation of Crysis, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, something out of Starcraft and even Warhammer. Its a video from AMD’s marketing department announcing the launch of the new Richland family of APUs and its exactly what I’ve been asking the company to do for years – marketing is crucial to the success of the APU and if AMD doesn’t get the word out there about its products, its pretty much dead in the water. Three guesses who the big, bad blue guys are!


Hit the jump for more information about the APU lineup itself.


The confirmed lineup has just five processors, starting with the A6-6400K and moving up to the A10-6800K. The A4-4000 (not listed here) will replace the A4-5400. Richland will still only pair with HD6000-series processors as the HD8000 graphics is still based on VLIW4.

As far as performance goes, WCCF Tech got hold of some benchmark scores. Somewhat unfairly, both the A10-6800K and the A10-5800K get compared to two Intel processors running the bog standard Intel HD2500 graphics. HD4000 would have been a much better match-up.


 Performance does get inproved a lot, but that’s likely as a result of the faster dual-channel DDR3-2133 support and the default overclocked frequencies that the A10-6800K runs at. Its a good increase and if the price is lower then that sweetens the deal even more. In addition, its expected that Richland benefits from the same power-saving features seen in the HD7790 and its possible that the PowerTune boost frequencies have been worked as well to give users better efficiency.

Source: WCCF Tech
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