DayZ gameplay video leaked

dayz header

After missing its 2012 launch date following a viral outbreak among the development team (or something), the standalone version of DayZ is only now in a closed alpha test – which also inevitably means leaked videos of unfinished gameplay for fans to look at and whine about because it looks so unfinished. I mean, that’s just how game development works, isn’t it? And the guy in the video isn’t even wearing pants.

There’s nothing much new here apart from an obvious (and unfinished) reworking of the inventory screen and some rather vigorous running arm animation, but you know, at least it doesn’t look like a completely different game. After the unmitigated catastrophe that was The War Z, there’s still a groaning gap in the market for an open world zombie apocalypse survival horror game, and I think the DayZ mod already has a good thing going. Until that incident with the hatchet, anyway. Now I don’t talk about it that much anymore, but I still wake up screaming.

According to recent updates on the DayZ development blog, we can probably expect a public alpha test later this month.

Source: PC Gamer