With the amount of negativity surrounding the Xbox One, you’d think that it can’t get any worse and that the console will get some better publicity and more love later on. Unfortunately, the more I hear about it, the louder my “Meh” becomes. I really want the console to do well because it has some great exclusives and Xbox Live has worked perfectly well for the company up to now. But Microsoft, at least the new, post-Windows 8 Microsoft, seems to be completely out of touch with what the market wants.

Steve Tilley Microsoft Xbox event cancelled

They promised at the Xbox event reveal that all the games will be discussed at E3. Well, it looks like now all that”s going to be there is Microsoft talking about the console and the games, but they won’t be answering questions from journalists attending the event. What on earth is going on inside Redmond headquarters?

Source: NeoGaf, Twitter
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