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And in today’s edition of I’ll Have Some of Whatever He’s Taking, a Russian hacker and self-styled vigilante has ported an Xbox-exclusive game to PC, declaring that “This is not piracy, this is restoration of justice.” So brave, but wait – what’s the game? Halo? Gears of War? Kinectimals?

No, it’s the cultish 2011 Xbox LIVE Arcade title The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.

In an (awkwardly translated) manifesto over on the GameDev.ru forums, the hacker Barabus explained that, “the authors are not very nice to publish the game exclusively for the Xbox 360, making it impossible for PC gamers to play in such a great game.”

He also added that “we did not steal the game for the Xbox 360; we released it for the PC port. Given that the developers ignored the PC platform, about any loss of profit for them is not out of the question. After all, if they wanted to earn money, then the game would be issued on all available platforms. If the game came out on PC officially, then this thread would not exist.”

To keep things in some perspective here, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is the sequel to the original The Dishwasher – the game that won Microsoft’s annual Dream.Build.Play competition back in 2007, scoring indie developers Ska Studios an Xbox LIVE Arcade publishing contract, which astute readers will also note is not a PC publishing contract.

“I’m not mad about the crack itself; in fact, I’m actually pretty impressed,” Ska Studios’ founder James Silva told IndieStatik. “But I’m bewildered by the cracker’s attempt to justify the morality of it. He assumes a lot about why Vampire Smile’s not on PC yet, and he could have cleared up a lot of those assumptions by just emailing me.”

Since shipping the sequel, the developer has apparently been busy with a new project, Charlie Murder, with plans to get back to a PC port of Vampire Smile later.

“I’d really like to give it a Director’s cut treatment–rework some areas, add environmental hazards and new enemies, etc.,” Silva wrote in a discussion about the unofficial port over on NeoGAF. “So we wouldn’t really be missing out if there’s a cracked torrent with broken shaders floating around somewhere.”

Oh, burn.

Source: Eurogamer