Computex 2013: Corsair launches new cases and peripherals

Corsair has been extremely busy at Computex this year, coming up with several revisions for their products as well as entirely new ones. They debuted some new RAM for Intel’s Haswell and AMD’s Trinity processor families, they updated their peripheral lineup and added in two more products and finally launched two new cases. They’ve been busy!

Corsair Vengeance C70 header

The first new thing up is the Vengeance K70 keyboard. Unlike the C60 and the C90, the C70 ships with your choice of Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches, which ensure the keyboard’s all-round performance for different uses. It also comes with optional coloured keys in a lovely maroon red and the entire thing is backlit.

There’s a soft-touch palm rest that can be removed and its shorter than the K90. Corsair has also announced that it will be availabler for purchase from today and I’ve literally just seen it pop up on Rebeltech. Neat stuff! I like it when a manufacturer does a launch right. The K70 is also available in a stunning red and black colour scheme. I’ve never been weak at the knees before for a keyboard, but damn.

Vengeance K65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Vengeance C65 front

The next in the mechanical family is the baby Vengeance K65. This is apparently a dig at the cheaper competitors like Cooler Master’s Quickfire and Zalman’s ZM-K500. The Vengeance looks a lot like an IBM model M keyboard and eschews the numberpad in favour of a smaller profile.

Because it’s more geared towards gaming, the LK65 ships only with Cherry MX Red switches, which offer tactile feed back but little resistance and almost no sound. They’re good for gaming use where key presses need to be done quickly and effortlessly with little noise. The Vengeance K65 will go on sale worldwide in July at the cost of US $89.99 (approx R900).

Raptor K50 Membrane gaming keyboard

Corsair Raptor K50

The Raptor K50 is interesting because its Corsair’s first, cheaper membrane keyboard. The Raptor K50 may be aiming at competitors like Logitech’s G110 and the design and key layout certainly looks like something from the G11. It features customisable backlighting, has media playback controls, supports up to 54 macro recordings and a Windows key that can be  disabled.

The K50 also supports full key rollover, which means you can press every single key on the keyboard and every key press will be registered. It won’t to it all at the same time (that’s anti-ghosting) but key rollover is a useful feature for those with fast fingers on fighting games. The Raptor K50 will go on sale in July at a price of US $99.99 (approx R997).

Raptor M40 gaming mouse

Corsair Raptor M40

To complement the K50, Corsair also has the Raptor M40. Its a budget mouse that slots in under the Vengeance line and offers little adjustment on the body. It has red LEDs for the accents, seven programmable buttons, a 4000 dpi sensor and adjustable weights to make it heavier or lighter.

Corsair says the Raptor will go on sale after Computex is over and nothing was mentioned about local availability. It will go on sale in the US and Canada for $59.99 (approx R600).

Raptor M30 budget gaming mouse

Corsair Raptor M30 front

The Raptor M30 is the cheapest of the new products and will be fighting for some recognition in the $50 space. It packs in six programmable buttons, a 4000 dpi sensor and red LEDs that light up the scroll wheel and the Corsair logo. Sadly, lefties are once again left out and Corsair has made no commitment to launching left-handed products any time soon.

The Raptor M30 will go on sale worldwide towards the end of this month.

Carbide Air 540

Corsair Carbide Air 540 front Corsair Carbide Air 540 inside Corsair Carbide Air 540 opp side Corsair Carbide Air 540 rear

I haven’t seen a proper cube case like this in a long time and this is a really neat idea. What Corsair’s done with the Air 540 is segment the parts that usually go into the chassis and put them in a wider space at the back. That means you get all the internal space of a full tower chassis packed into something barely taller than a regular ATX box.

All the hard drives, DVD drives and power cables are hidden away in the compartment at the back and numerous rubber grommets cover cable management holes to keep things clean. Corsair reckons you could run quad SLI or Crossfire with a e-ATX motherboard and a 280mm and 360mm dual radiator setup for some extreme cooling ability. You can fill up the rest of the case with two DVD drives, a full-sized PSU, two 3.5-inch hard drives, four 2.5-inch hard drives or SSDs and up to five 140mm fans.

Corsair says the Air 540 will go on sale this week worldwide at a price of $139. Local availability has not been confirmed.

Carbide 300R Silent

Corsair Carbide 300R Silent

The Carbide 300R, one of the company’s most popular chassis, gets another personality and this time is turned completely silent. It eschews bright lights, perspex panels and gaudy plastic for a brushed aluminium exterior and a dark grey coat of paint.

Internally its exactly the same layour as the Carbide 300R but now offers the option of closing off the top fan vents to dull out any sounds. The side panels are also padded with foam to absorb any vibrations. The front panel has two USB 3.0 ports and a rocker-like switch for your power and reset button. It will go on sale this week in the US and Canada for $90.

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