E3: E3, E3 to E3 at E3 this week

e3 header

It’s E3 this week, so we’ve made a special E3 image tag for all our E3-related news. Which will be most of the news this week because, you know, it’s E3. E3!

Anyway, according to our cans-on-string network here at NAG HQ, Michael and Miklós have arrived in Los Angeles and are attempting to trade beads and wire elephants for a taxi to the expo.

In the meantime, here’s what’s happening and when, and also links to the live streams, so you can follow their journey in the great Americaland:

  • Microsoft – Monday 10 June, 09:30 PST (tonight, 18:30 local time)
  • EA – Monday 10 June, 13:00 PST (tonight, 22:00 local time)
  • Ubisoft – Monday 10 June, 15:00 PST (midnight tonight local time)
  • Sony – Monday 10 June, 18:00 PST (tomorrow, 03:00 local time)
  • Nintendo – Tuesday 11 June, 07:00 PST (tomorrow, 16:00 local time)