State of Decay breaks XBLA records, PC version in the works

state of decay zombies header

In what might be this week’s only not-E3 news, Undead Labs’ zombie apocalypse sim State of Decay apparently sold more than a quarter million copies in the first 48 hours of last week’s launch, putting the game behind only Minecraft on the Xbox LIVE Arcade’s fastest seller list. That’s not bad going for a first title from a largely unheard of developer with no ad budget whatsoever.

While Xbox gamers are getting their rot on, however, PC gamers are still waiting for their own shot at play-playing the end of everything as we know it. In a statement to Rock Paper Shotgun, Undead Labs’ community manager Sanya Weathers explained that “We are still working on the PC version, and I don’t have a really good estimate for completion. Too much depends on third parties. It isn’t going to be soon by any meaningful use of the word ‘soon’.”

An update for the game has already been submitted to Microsoft for certification, and should be out sometime this week. You can see the fixes and gameplay changes over here, although it looks like “Players will now be able to load multiple resources in a vehicle because, you know, that really should be possible” hasn’t made the list (yet).

In related news, this weekend wasn’t a good one for the survivors. After the tragic loss of Marcus late Friday during a routine cupboard search gone terribly wrong, another three survivors were taken from us on Saturday in a series of unfortunate accidents that had nothing to do with stupid carelessness and/or misplaced grenades. I’ve started a support group over on the forums if anybody needs to talk about it.