Primary systems clear, Lego Normandy is ready for take-off

lego normandy

This 1.2-metre Lego replica of Mass Effect 2‘s Normandy SR-2 was made by a high school kid. I don’t know about you guys, but my biggest high school accomplishment was dropping out at the end of grade 10, and shouting at my art teacher on my last day just because I could.

It took Ben “Benny Brickster” Caulkins seven months to build this, just in time for the Lego Brickworld expo in Chicago this weekend. Obviously, I’d much prefer it to be on its way over to my house, but we can’t have everything we want. Not without resorting to criminal methods anyway, and I’m still waiting on my underworld contacts to phone me back.

Check out more photos of Ben’s Lego works over on Flickr, including a full-sized Master Chief suit that he made when he was 15. Dropping out of school and yelling at Miss De Villiers is looking less and less impressive now.

Source: Gizmodo