Titanfall on PS4 “definitely not out of the question”, says dev

titanfall e3 2013 header

If you’re a fan of badass sci-fi multiplayer shooters featuring gigantic mechs and jet packs – and that’s pretty much everybody, isn’t it? –  you’re probably already head over gravboots in love with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, debuted at E3 during Microsoft’s Monday night conference. If you’re a fan of PlayStation, however, you’re probably not so much in love with the game being exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Don’t throw yourself onto an incoming rocket just yet, though, because maybe there’s still a bit of hope.

“When you boil it down, we would love to be everywhere, but we’re just starting out,” Respawn artist Joel Emslie told Eurogamer. “We of course would want to go further in the future with stuff, but we’re just starting out. It’s pretty frustrating! We want to be everywhere. We want to put Titanfall everywhere, but that’s where we’re at. We’re starting there.”

Asked about the possibility of the game ever being released for PlayStation, Emslie added that “It’s definitely not out of the question. We have a huge appreciation for the fans. Coming out and showing it to everybody, we’re super nervous and wanted to make sure everybody loved it. We love all our fans, whatever console they support. So yeah. We want to make everybody happy, but this is where we’re at right now.”

Of course, platform exclusivity deals are complicated arrangements, signed in blood under a full moon, and Titanfall publisher EA isn’t ready to commit to PlayStation just yet.

“Obviously a business relationship between Electronic Arts, Respawn and Microsoft led to this,” EA’s Patrick Söderlund explained. “There are always reasons for that, but we can’t go into them. We haven’t communicated anything [about the game on other platforms], and I can’t comment on that right now.”

I’m quite sure important people said the same stuff about Mass Effect, though, and look what happened.