Steal ten minutes of Thief gameplay


At last week’s E3, Sony’s massive booth had a staging area where various game developers were given a chance to show off their upcoming titles running on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4. Eidos Montreal was on hand to show off live gameplay for Thief with commentary provided by the game’s producer Stefane Roy.

During the demonstration, protagonist Garrett had to infiltrate a mansion by sneaking his way through a well-guarded outdoor area. It’s a very typical Thief series setup, which will obviously make long-time fans very happy. Returning gameplay mechanics, such as the light level indication gem and water arrow, are shown off alongside some new mechanics like Garrett’s new Focus ability.

The gameplay clip starts about the two minute mark if you’re the impatient type. If you stick around once the gameplay is wrapped up, you’ll get to see Roy answer a bunch of questions posed over Twitter. Hit the jump.

Via: Polygon