And by “in action” we really mean “in a promotional trailer loaded with that sort of hip pretentiousness that only Sony can execute with aplomb”. Still, douche-bag gaming hipsters who clearly failed primary school English classes aside, the clip gives you a good overview of how the PlayStation 4 operating system and social features work together.

A lot of you will take one look at this and bemoan the loss of your privacy while playing games. In the video, Mr. douche-bag gaming hipster can barely play for 10 minutes without being badgered by others, irrespective of whether or not those others are actually using their PS4 consoles at the time – thanks for nothing, cell phones. That being said, one of the more delightful features of the PS4 is that you don’t actually need to be online all the time, so you could just pull the chord and game in peace. That or you could just not accept friend requests and prove to the world that gamers really can be an island.

Hit the jump for the video and take note of some of the more interesting features, such as the ability to download the single-player of multiplayer portion of a game first. Finally, alongside a silly typo (an Internet cookie to anyone else who can spot it) in the small print at the end of the video, the following sentence reminds us that this is still very early days: “actual user interface and screen design are subject to change.”

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