Today in Gaming…


Guild Wars 2: Part II of Dragon Bash has started, so go burn some effigies, and play the first part of a new multi-part single-player story instance. The story instance is short, about 10 minutes. Burning all 50 effigies for the achievement track (needed for the event meta-achievement) will take a bit longer (and unless you guest or character-hop, two days). Maps of the effigies locations (they don’t move) are over at

Get Torchlight For Free!: You can grab a full version of Torchlight for free (until 20th of June) off, as part of their 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale. Over 500 games are heavily discounted, some new, some classic. Just take a look at the list.

Free Pinball FX2 Table This Friday: The Sorcerer’s Lair table for Pinball FX2 on Steam will be free this Friday, no ads, limits or gimmicks. It’s yours to keep. Pinball FX2 is a great pinball game, and while it goes a bit beyond just being a virtual pinball recreation, it still stays true to the spirit of the pin. The base Pinball FX2 game is free to download on Steam, additional tables are about $3 each.

DOTA 2 Gets A Release Date: “This Summer”, according to a report in the July 2013 issue of PC Gamer (via Valvetime). The goal is to release before the International 3 tournament in August, taking place in Seattle. Dota 2 has been in development for nearly four years. It’s currently in invite-only beta (but invites are easy to get), or you can buy the $30 Early Access package on Steam.

Thought Of The Day: This image has been making the rounds lately. It shows what it claims to be the net totals of the big three console manufacturers (Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft) over the years. It highlights a rather giant chasm between Nintendo, and the other two, in terms of profit vs losses. I’ve yet to go over the totals claimed in the image with a fine-tooth comb, so take them with a grain of salt, but they look right to me so far. Certainly makes you think, doesn’t it.