NAG at E3 2013 – a video adventure


Last week Michael (aka The Editor, RedTide, Our Fearless Leader) and I were at E3 soaking up ALL the things on the latest games and hardware. We know that seeing moving pictures is way, way easier than reading walls of text, and so I strapped a camera to my chest and wondered through the halls of E3 2013 so that you didn’t have to – and so that you also didn’t have to read a wall of text describing what it’s actually like to walk through the halls of E3. Spoiler: it’s pretty damn amazing.

So, after the jump you’ll find a home baked NAG video embedded snuggly amongst the HTML code that binds this website together. The whole thing is about 5:30 minutes in total, so perhaps you should grab a cup of coffee/tea/gin to sip quietly as you allow the visual stimulation to permeate your eyeballs?

Hit that jump and leave us some feedback.

Oh, and in case any of you are wondering: the two tracks that we used to accompany this video feature come off one of Disasterpeace’s albums. Those with a penchant for indie titles will likely have come across Disasterpeace’s music before. He did the soundtrack to Polytron’s Fez, and the two tracks here (“Synchrosynct” by Disasterpeace; “Nature of Things and Stuff” by Jim Guthrie) can be found on the recently released remix of the Fez soundtrack, which is entitled FZ: Side F. You can buy it here. We at NAG HQ totally recommend it; it hasn’t left our playlists since we bought the album.