Fez 2 is coming, just not to anything involving Microsoft

Fez - Image 3

At the Horizon press conference during last week’s E3, Phil Fish announced that Fez 2 was a thing that was coming. This, I’ll admit, elicited a rather shrill squee from me; the original Fez is probably one of my favourite games of this waning console generation. Fish, the game’s creator, is perhaps not liked by many for his cocky and expletive filled outspoken opinions. Those opinions are still going strong, and he wasn’t shy in expressing his continued low opinion of Microsoft after Fez 2 was announced.

When asked by Polygon what platforms he was aiming to release Fez 2 on, he responded with: “Not Xbox”.

You see, shortly after the initial Fez debuted exclusively on the Xbox 360 last year, Fish released a patch to fix up some of the game’s loose ends. That patch inadvertently caused some havoc with the saved game system: it corrupted many players’ saves thereby destroying any progress made. For a game as convoluted and tricky as Fez, this was a disaster and one that Fish was unable to fix because he refused to pay Microsoft another mountain of cash in order to upload a fix for his first patch.

So then, where will Gomez’s second outing likely find a home? From the sounds of things, the PlayStation 4.

“…there’s a handful of people working at Sony today who are really trying to do some good. And whether or not I would develop for it comes down to how the platform holder treats me. With Microsoft they’ve made it painfully clear they don’t want my ilk on their platform. I can’t even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It’s that simple. Microsoft won’t let me develop for their console. But Sony will.”

This isn’t really surprising considering Sony’s attitude towards indie developers of late. Their E3 stand was huge, and I reckon that around half of that space was dedicated to indie devs. Heck, along the sides of their stands they had separate platforms where the big AAA games could show off their stuff in private areas. Sitting alongside the likes of Infamous: Second Son and Watch_Dogs were titles like Supergiant Game’s Transistor. Sony is welcoming the indies aboard with a giant, sloppy smooch. And for people like Phil Fish, that matters.

Source: Polygon