According to the teachings of the Great Prophet Marmaladus, everyone is created equal. Except when three of them aren’t, and they’re thrust into a video game as completely different playable characters. Such is Grand Theft Auto V, in which crime and violence is done willy-nilly, and we think Trevor may have actually shot poor Marmaladus in the face. That’s what you get for trying to apply philosophical logic to a game where it’s considered totally normal for people to wake up naked on a beach surrounded by dead bodies with no recollection of WTF even.

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As you’ve no doubt gleaned by this point, our July issue flew us across the oceans to have a peek at Rockstar’s next outing in its flagship franchise. Did it blow us away? We’re pretty sure you already know the answer to that, especially since we’ve gone and given it four (four!) covers. Elsewhere, we made food! Like, actual food that can be consumed by humans without them perishing from various illnesses and bacteria and viruses and other gross stuff. Importantly, said food is appropriately themed around your favourite hobby, and we’d love for you to give our recipes a try. Why’d we do this? Because diversity is the spice of life, and we used diversity to spice some chicken, and it was delicious. Plus, grog!

We also take a quick look at Microsoft’s divisive (to say the least) new Xbox One, rounding up all the details we could find on the console at the time. It’s important to note that certain things in this feature have since changed in the space between when it was written and The Now.

In our previews section you’ll find a breakdown of what’s to be expected from Skylanders: Swap Force, as well as rapid-fire looks at Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Take a peek at our reviews and you’ll spot verdicts on Metro: Last Light‘s atmospheric subway crawling, Grid 2‘s high-speed crashing and subsequent rewinding, Reus‘ number-obsessed villager-bothering as a lumbering elemental god and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine‘s top-down cooperative thievery.

Hardware sees us comparing the innards of Sony’s new PlayStation and Microsoft’s new Xbox, and we then proceed to engage in the usual tinkering with GPUs, smartphones, weird half-keyboards and PSUs. We also run Intel’s next generation of processors through our brutal gauntlet of CPU tests, which includes setting the damn things on fire. Not really, but it’s still really, really brutal. For realsies.

There’s all this PLUS MORE to be found in the July issue of NAG. Below you’ll find shots of the quadrupled covers and a link to download the lone contents page. Should all the planets align at the specified time as expected, you’ll find it on store shelves this Thursday, June 27th. Our friends outside of SA and anyone else who’s more keen on digital things can pick up a virtual copy on Zinio.

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