OZombie Kickstarter now live, new details emerge


American McGee announced that his development team Spicy Horse is in the beginning stages of putting together a Kickstarter for their newly announced Oz game OZombie. The game, which is described as an action game set in the land of Oz with zombies and steampunk elements, is due for release on tablets, Mac, Linux and PC.

Details about the game’s plot have accompanied the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Players will take on the role of Dorothy’s great-great-granddaughter, who is heavily influenced by the whole steampunk aesthetic and looks totally badass. Along with the Tin Man and Lion, she’ll have to take on Scarecrow’s zombie horde and stop it from tyring to take over Oz.

The game will use source material from all 14 of L. Frank Baum’s stories, and it sounds like plot will be a massive part of the game’s appeal. This won’t be your usual zombie action game, but rather McGee suggests that the zombies are “less about the traditional “brain eating” concept of zombies and more about mindless conformist behaviour.” Scarecrow is trying to take over Oz by outlawing free thought and expression. As such, creativity and passion are oppressed and the citizens of Oz are forced to conform.

OZombie is primarily a single-player game, but there’s talk of a multiplayer mode unlocking once you’ve finished the main story. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the focus is on “role-playing, tactical combat, exploration and story telling.”

There’s definitely something neat about this project. McGee and his team have this great ability to use popular fiction as a springboard for their own stories and artistic interpretation of locations, characters and events. Keep an eye on the Kickstarter page for more news.

Source: Kickstarter