We love us some Star Citizen content here at NAG, but that’s because most of us are practically geriatric and grew up playing Wing Commander. Sometimes Michael even writes his Ed’s Note in Kilrathi because he’s just totally nerdy that way. Sadly, we all cry ourselves to sleep knowing the game is still well over a year away; at last check, the tentative release date was November 2014.

Good news though! Well, it’s good news if you’re invested in this game: game director Chris Roberts has announced that the funding for Star Citizen (and by extension the single-player offshoot Squadron 42) has become the most successful crowd funded project on the planet. Previous record holder was for that awesome Pebble watch that interfaces with your iPhone; that managed to accumulate $10,266,844 in crowd funding.

At time of writing, Star Citizen is sitting with a total pledge amount of $10,771,477. This is split between their ludicrously successful Kickstarter and the private crowd funding set up via the game’s home page

We haven’t posted the recently released advert for the Origin Series 300 Spacecrafts that was shared a few days ago, so you can find it below. Basically, the crowd funding on the game’s homepage gets people to pre-order their space ship rather than simply pledge for the game. Depending on your pledge amount, you get different space ships. Oh, and this is all in-game footage; nothing pre-rendered in this trailer advert.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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