Developer Paul Zakrzewski is making a game called Void Destroyer. It’s described as a “space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid”. The single-player only game sees you taking on the role of a retired general sent back into combat. You’ll be collecting resources, building up an infrastructure, creating ships and fighting enemies – you know, RTS stuff in space! Instead of just instructing your ships to fly out to kill stuff, you’ll be doing that as well as piloting your own ship. As a result of this merge of genres, Zakrzewski says his game has been likened to Battlezone and sometimes referred to as “Fly Homewrold”.

Void Destroyer is actually a lot like Homeworld, a PC RTS space game that’s been dormant for far too long. The IP was recently picked up Gearbox a few months back, but there’s been no word about the much-loved franchise since then. Homeworld’s absence has left a void for other space RTS games to fill, which is what Void Destroyer looks capable of doing rather nicely. Oh hey, that name makes total sense now.

There are two trailers of the game in action after the jump. It has a Kickstarter campaign that’s already met its goal with four days to spare. However, the project is now on Steam Greenlight, so if you have any interest in the title, I’m sure Zakrzewski would love it if you headed onto Steam and hit that little thumbs-up button.

You can try the game right now if it grabs you; head over here to pick up the demo.

Source: Steam Greenlight
Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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