New SimCity DLC adds floating death bubbles


Maxis and Electronic Arts have released the first official and chargeable piece of DLC for SimCity. The pack follows previously released (and free) DLC that allowed players to add Nissan Leaf charging stations to cities so that sims could use electric cars.

The “Airships Set” DLC adds new ploppable buildings for you to drop into your cities: the Hot Air Balloon Park and the Urban Hot Air Balloon Park. Honestly, the names are pretty self-explanatory so if you need further clarification then there might be little hope left for you. An additional Airship Hangar adds a new public transport option using, you guessed it, airships. So, instead of sitting on crappy buses or driving between cities, your sims can sit in giant floating deathtraps loaded with explosive gas as they sail across the pristine blue sky of whatever it is you named your region.

Aside from adding happiness to medium and high wealth sims, the balloon DLC will benefit your city by providing an alternate means of transportation. That means that if your city highways are buckling under the weight of 75 trillion vehicles, this DLC will help alleviate that. Of course the pessimists out there are probably scratching their heads and saying “oh sure EA, release payable DLC to solve the traffic problem that should have been fixed via a title update” but that’s pessimists for ya! Video after the jump.

The “Airships DLC” is available on Origin right now for a whopping R89.95! So if your traffic problem is truly bad enough for you to want to throw money at it like any real-life mayor would, then pick this up so that little balloons can pick up your sims. Hey, at least there’s a balloon with a Plants Vs. Zombies head on it to remind you that EA does publish games that are actual fun. Ok, I’m going now.

Source: Origin
Via: Eurogamer