WiiU.com cybersquatting complaint lost by Nintendo


It would seem that a domain name like WiiU.com would be owned by Nintendo. It isn’t, which is actually pretty normal when it comes to console manufacturers and domain name squatters; Microsoft doesn’t own XboxOne.com and Sony doesn’t own PlayStation4.com either. Still, back in February this year, Nintendo of America filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owners of WiiU.com.

Complaints of this nature are filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). This weekend, members at WIPO reached a decision regarding WiiU.com that resulted in Nintendo’s complaint being overruled. The only way Nintendo will gain ownership of this domain name will be if they hand over a ton of money to whichever company owns it. Ironically, the domain was up for auction shortly before Nintendo filed the complaint, which means that they could have just bid on it. Once their complaint was filed the auction was cancelled.

At present, WiiU.com displays a bunch of sponsored adverts many of which are for Nintendo products for sale by third parties. If you head there you’ll find local online retailers’ adverts for Wii U consoles and Nintendo games.

Source: Fusible