Cube World enters a paid alpha build


Wow! And I thought that the news of a potential Outcast revival was going to be the best news of the day. Turns out there’s another contender for that coveted accolade: Cube World has entered a playable alpha version, which means you could be playing the game right this second if you cough up the R200 price of admission.

We’ve been mildly obsessed with Cube World for some time now, but it’s easy to understand why. The procedurally generated action RPG is equal parts Minecraft, Diablo and The Legend of Zelda. That and it just looks totally adorable; I mean, LOOK at those little Frogmen characters. Bless.

The husband and wife team behind the game have been working on Cube World since 2011. They readily admit that Minecraft is a huge inspiration, and it looks like they’re modelling their game rollout plans after Notch’s seminal indie gem as well. For a reduced fee you can pick up the alpha version of the game which is completely playable. A later beta release will cost slightly more and the final release will cost the most. Minecraft had an identical phased release, and it worked really well. No reason why it shouldn’t work here either.

Unfortunately, at time of writing this their servers are getting absolutely annihilated. As a result they’ve removed their shop until they’ve ironed out a few creases. You can still, however, create an account in the meantime as you’ll need this to tie your Cube World purchase to the moment the store reopens.

UPDATE: we updated the opening paragraph of this article to include the price for the alpha version. Note that in buying the alpha you will eventually get access to the beta and final release for no extra charge.

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