Xbox One Kinect obviates alphanumerical pass codes


Alright so this is a cool feature coming to Xbox One: thanks to the fact that everyone is going to have Kinect installed when they buy a shiny (and matt) new Xbox One console, you’ll no longer have to spend 15 minutes fumbling about an onscreen keyboard as you enter a sting of random digits and letters to unlock gated game content. Be it a CD Key, DLC code or One Time Online Pass, they’re a pain in the backside to input and haven’t ever prevented a game from being pirated anyway.

In the future, your Xbox One games aren’t going to come with those dumb codes; they’ll come with QR codes or similar that you’ll just hold up to Kinect so that the content gets automagically unlocked on your Xbox LIVE profile.

Apparently, Microsoft has loads more interesting little innovations to share with people in the months leading up to the console’s release. See, this is the kind of stuff that wins console wars! Alright, maybe not, but you’ve got to admit it’s a cool feature because those codes – man, they’re awful.

Via: Polygon