About a year ago, Tim Schafer and Double Fine made history on Kickstarter. On a whim, they asked for $400,000.00 via the crowd funding website and ended up with over $3 million. It caused quite a buzz; you may have heard about it.

Obviously with a budget that’s that inflated comes the desire to do more on the game. As such, the point-and-click adventure game that’s now known as Broken Age grew into something much, much bigger than originally anticipated. That has caused problems; more specifically, that’s caused Double Fine to run out of money. Yeah, you read that right.

In a message to the game’s original backers, project lead Tim Schafer says it plain and simple: he’s designed the game and it’s become way too big. It’s so big that Double Fine has calculated that the whole thing will only be finished in 2015. They reckon half of the game will be done in the next year.

As a result of this inflated development time, Double Fine is going to run out of money way before the game sees a launch. That’s why they’re asking for more money, only this time they’re going through Steam Early Access.

Steam’s Early Access program allows developers to sell playable portions of their projects so that the profit can be used to continue development. It’s kind of what Notch did with Minecraft once upon a time, and it’s the same thing that Cube World is currently doing. You can expect the first half of Broke Age to hit Early Access in January 2014.

Many people have wondered how this whole Kickstarter revolution will turn out and judging by this, the project that practically started the gaming industry’s obsession with Kickstarter, things might not work out as well as we might have hope. Somewhere in the world there are evil types in suits who are sitting at desks reading this update to Broken Age, and they are laughing; laughing and stroking their impeccably groomed publisher goatees.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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